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Social Security Disability:

If you are out of the work force because of an injury, illness or mental impairment, you may be entitled to federal disability benefits. However, qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be a long, frustrating and complex process. In fact, the vast majority of people are turned down at first.

Don't wait and don't give up. We can help and we can improve your chances.

The legal team at The Berger Firm provides advocacy and support from your initial application through hearings and appeals to fight for the benefits you need and deserve. Our disability lawyers handle SSDI and SSI claims in all of Kentucky.

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Your expect to be out of work for 12 months or more

You need help with your SSDI or SSI application

Your Social Security Disability claim has already been denied

About Social Security Disability:

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are federal programs. They provide monthly income and other benefits if your physical or mental condition prevents you from sustaining full-time work. Spouses, dependent children and widows/widowers of a disability recipient may also qualify for benefits. Because of the long process and backlogged system, you should apply as soon as you think that you will be out of the work force for at least a year. Our knowledgeable attorneys can explain the process and answer all your questions.

Reach out to The Berger Firm with any questions, we’re here to work for you! The Berger Firm has an office conveniently located in Covington, Kentucky just blocks from the Ohio River and Downtown Cincinnati. In some cases, we can arrange to visit your home or hospital to ensure timely investigation and filing of your claim. Call our office; 859-431-1000, or contact our team of expert lawyers online to schedule an initial consultation.

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John A. Berger

John is the founder of The Berger Firm licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. John's practice focuses on domestic relations law and general civil litigation John's practice also includes probate and real estate law in the Northern Kentucky area.

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Bryan C. Berger

Bryan is a member of The Berger Firm licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the State of Ohio. Bryan's practice focuses on civil and criminal litigation and domestic relations law. Bryan's practice also includes formation and representation of small businesses in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area.

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J. Alexander Berger

Alex is a member of The Berger Firm licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Alex's practice focuses on bankruptcy and worker's compensation law. Alex's practice also includes social security disability work in the Northern Kentucky area.

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