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Overwhelmed by Debt?

Not sure how to stop harassing creditors and debt collectors? The Berger Firm can help. The Berger Firm helps people in Covington, Kentucky and throughout Northern Kentucky who are having problems with bills. The firm assists people who are dealing with foreclosures, repossessions and debt collectors. We never represent the creditor; only the consumer. Whether due to job loss, illness, divorce or wages that simply do not keep up with the increased cost of living, many Kentuckians find themselves in financial distress. Constant phone calls, letters, lawsuits and foreclosures are all problems people find themselves in when overwhelmed with unmanageable debt. Across Northern Kentucky, people are making the decision to use bankruptcy to cure their financial stress and get a fresh start.

What Can Bankruptcy Do for Me?

Bankruptcy Makes It Possible For You To:

Eliminate your debts and get a fresh start

Prevent repossession of a car

Stop wage garnishment

Stop debt collection harassment

What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The most common form of bankruptcy is a Chapter 7, or "straight bankruptcy." A Chapter 7 bankruptcy essentially allows a person to wipe out their debts in exchange for giving up non-exempt property. Chapter 7 does not eliminate the rights of mortgage lenders or car loan creditors to seek a return of the property the debt is secured by.

In a Chapter 7, you can keep all property which the law says is "exempt" from the claims of creditors which can include:

Equity in your home

Equity in your car

Household goods

Things you need for your job

Your right to receive certain benefits such as social security

What is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you use your income to pay some or all of what you owe to your creditors over time -- from three to five years, depending on the size of your debts and income. In return, you may keep your property. The most important aspect of the Chapter 13 case with the repayment plan. The Berger Firm will work hard to try to allow you to keep as much of your money as possible.

What Will Happen to My Home and Car If I File Bankruptcy?

In most cases, you will not lose your home or car by filing bankruptcy as long as your equity in the properly is exempt. However, bankruptcy does not make the security interest your creditors may have in your home or car go away. There are several ways to work out agreements with your secured creditors so that you can keep your home and car during and after bankruptcy. We know how important your home and car are to you and know of creative ways so that you can keep them through the bankruptcy process.

Can I Own Anything After Bankruptcy?

Yes! In Kentucky, you can keep your exempt property and anything you obtain after the bankruptcy is filed.

The Berger Firm offers a free and confidential consultation where all options are explored. Often, the individual learns at that consultation that options other than a bankruptcy are available. Sometimes, however, the best and most responsible option is to file bankruptcy. In that case, our Covington bankruptcy lawyers gather information, explain the process (including costs and time), and complete the required information so that the client can go through and complete the bankruptcy process efficiently and without hassle.

Reach out to The Berger Firm with any questions, we’re here to work for you! The Berger Firm has an office conveniently located in Covington, Kentucky just blocks from the Ohio River and Downtown Cincinnati. In some cases, we can arrange to visit your home or hospital to ensure timely investigation and filing of your claim. Call our office; 859-431-1000, or contact our team of expert lawyers online to schedule an initial consultation.

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Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Attorneys

John A. Berger

John is the founder of The Berger Firm licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. John's practice focuses on domestic relations law and general civil litigation John's practice also includes probate and real estate law in the Northern Kentucky area.

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Bryan C. Berger

Bryan is a member of The Berger Firm licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the State of Ohio. Bryan's practice focuses on civil and criminal litigation and domestic relations law. Bryan's practice also includes formation and representation of small businesses in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area.

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J. Alexander Berger

Alex is a member of The Berger Firm licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Alex's practice focuses on bankruptcy and worker's compensation law. Alex's practice also includes social security disability work in the Northern Kentucky area.

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